Paulus & Sumatha Thalathoti

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As a young boy growing up in the Commonwealth of AP in India, Paulus Thalathoti was raised in the knowledge and holy fear of the Lord.  His home was a place of regular prayer, praise and Bible teaching, and from an early age, Paulus felt God’s call on his life to serve the Lord and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Even through his time of study at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA and Faith Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Paulus continued to hear the voice of God, directing him toward service and ministry.

After graduating with a Master of Commerce, MA in Biblical Studies, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry, today Dr. Paulus Thalathoti serves as Chairman and congregational servant for Penn Bible Fellowship.

Sumatha Thalathoti was also born and raised in India, and from the time of her childhood, watched God’s servants working tirelessly on behalf of the poor and needy.  She now brings that same passion to her work with PPMI, and desires to serve the Lord by supporting and giving to anyone in need.

Seeking to reach out to the people of India and here in US, in 2011 Dr. Paulus and Sumatha Thalathoti established Peace Proclamation Ministries International so that many more may experience a relationship with Jesus Christ and know the life He offers.

Peace Proclamation Ministries International is an evangelistic and church planting ministry to those living in the interior rural areas of India.