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PPMI team traveling to India in June 2017

Please pray for the PPMI Pastors Conference and Pastor’s wives training in June 2017.  Resource team for 2017 is as follows:

James and Kendra Rittenhouse

Conrad and Sharon Swartzentruber

Sumatha Thalathoti


Goals for 2017

The Conference theme for Women’s Conference is, “Let us not become weary in doing good”.

The focus for the Pastor’s Conference is, stories from the life of Elijah, teaching on church budget, personal financial planning and the book of Daniel.

PPMI experiences growth

Praying for blessing & that God would provide resources to build at Pastor Phillip's new church ground.  L to R: Pastor Gabriel, Pastor Paulus Thalathodi, Pastor Prasad, Pastor Phillip, Pastor Mike Derstine

Praying for blessing & that God would provide resources to build at Pastor Phillip’s new church ground. L to R: Pastor Gabriel, Pastor Paulus Thalathoti, Pastor Prasad, Pastor Phillip, Pastor Mike Derstine

PPMI has spread in the Northern state of Andhra Pradesh and into the Eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh in South India.

PPMI has been working in India for the past five years with basically four pronged goals:  Discipleship Training, Evangelical Outreach, Church Planting and Service Projects. We are currently experiencing considerable and joyful growth in Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit has increased our ministry from 6 churches to 40 churches in the span of over four years.  There are 27 Pastor/Evangelists serving the Lord and working with PPMI.  We are helping people share their faith in one of the greatest harvest fields in the world today.  Most of our missionaries and pastors are serving in hostile and extremely difficult unreached areas where the people are bound by the clutches of evil spirits, magic arts, and in the clutches of thousands of gods and goddesses.

Pastor’s and Pastor’s wives Conferences & Pastors Retreats

In July of 2015:

PPMI conducted our fourth training conference for Pastor / Evangelists and Pastors Wives. We invited and arranged for PPMI to teach 24 Pastors and 17 Pastors Wives who practice our PPMI Statement of Faith and are trained in areas of discipleship and stewardship.  We had trained these church leaders to help people recognize, nurture and use their gifts of ministry to build up the body of Christ.

We are grateful to the Lord for another phase of new ministry in training and equipping Christian Women for His glory.

In January of 2016:

We praise God for God’s faithfulness and His providence. The Lord has blessed a new phase of ministry to go and visit the rural churches and also to journey with rural Pastors, their spouses, children and especially the respective congregations.

This new phase of ministry allowed us to journey with them in strengthening their faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. One day retreats, gospel meetings and worship services allowed us in equipping them and to walk along with them during our ministry time and also in a constant basis.