In June, 2016, PPMI spent time in Hyderabad, India to assist in facilitating the 5th annual Pastors and Wives Conference.

Photos from the latest at PPMI.

Friends of PPMI gathered once again to hear about the work in India, enjoy a good meal and to support the ministry.

In July 2015, PPMI sent another team to conduct a Pastors' Conference and Pastor’s wives training in Hyderabad, India.

PPMI supporters gathered on October 25 to hear what God has been doing in India, and the role that PPMI has played in 2014.

A team from PPMI traveled to India in July 2014 for a Pastors' Conference and Pastor’s wives training.

PPMI traveled to India in August, 2013, to conduct a Pastor's training conference, as well as a Pastor's wives' conference.

Pastor's Conference in Hyderabad, India - October 2012

Started in 2011, PPMI is an evangelistic and church planting ministry to those living in the state of Andhra Pradesh on the southeastern coast of India.